• Change time to escape a hostile environment
  • Experience an exciting story
  • Enjoy High-End graphics
  • Feel an immersive environment
  • Enjoy non-repetitive, diversified gameplay
  • FAQ

  • Will this game receive additional content?
    A final Chapter is planned but not sure.
  • Is there any Support?
    Not guaranteed, as we do not have the resources, but you can leave a message on our itch.io page and we will try to help you as soon as possible. We appreciate your feedback!
  • I have performance issues
    Arktonis 13 is not optimized for weaker PCs yet. Minimum for 1080p is a GTX 970 or better. 1 GB GPU-Ram or better is highly recommended. Try with reduced resolution if you experience performance issues.
  • I cannot setup Sound-Volumes
    These options are currently placeholders.

  • Visit our itch.io Page for downloading Arktonis 13 and for more infos!